Oilcloth Tablecloths

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Oilcloth Tablecloths

Our French Style Oilcloth Tablecloths are an absolute must have for any kitchen table. Get some lovely French Style in your kitchen and brighten up your table with one of our fantastic oilcloths.

Oilcloth Available by the half Metre

All of our beautiful oilcloths are available by the half metre. Just measure your requirement to the nearest half metre and add that as the quantity. For example, if you need your cloth to be 250cm long order 5 x half metres. Please note that cut lengths cannot be returned.

All of our oilcloth tablecloths are 100% cotton back and have a wipeable surface.

Buy Oilcloth by the Metre Online

All of our oilcloths are available to buy online. Our excellent customer service ensures your order receives the utmost care and attention and is dispatched as soon as possible. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.